Chapter 9 (cont.)


DelaWeather: FootbAll the Time


“I was in Dickinson C, room 408, from '95 - '96. What a great place to be. Yes, it sucked location wise, but I think everyone in Dickinson was in the same boat, and it was a bond that you shared when taking the drunk bus or stumbling home from the other side of campus. We used to play football in both the snow and sunny weather, across the street on that little field.”


- Andrew P, UD '99


Load Warrior: The Smuggler


“I lived in Dickie B from '97 - '98 and LOVED IT. I made some of my best friends living in those tiny little rooms. I have some of my best college memories from that place. I can remember sneaking cases of beer in my laundry basket covered with some towels, and underwear for good measure. Who wants to dig through someone else's dirty undies? Thankfully in '97 the HUGE skater pants were stylish -- we strapped many a bottle of vodka to the guys’ legs and they would walk them right into the building...ahhh, the good ole’ days.”


- Jen S, UD '01


Flinging Fruit


“Ah...freshman year. I lived in BIG DICKIE E in '91 - '92, third floor. Every day at Rodney Dining Hall, a bunch of us would grab an apple or orange when leaving -- our goal being to toss it over the fence and into the pool. Seriously, for months we did this. Wasteful I know, but for some reason, we found it funny as shit. By the time freshman year was over, there was so much freakin’ fruit in the pool, I can't even imagine what the guy who had to clean it out was thinking. I miss college.”


- Ellen, UD '95


Lounging Around


“107 DKC. 1994. Still the Honors dorm, but not for much longer! I don't think we ever studied in the lounge (or made any pretenses about it). But it definitely served its purpose! There might still be holes in the fake ceiling from us throwing pencils up there.”


- Amy G, UD '98


Rubbered the Wrong Way


“1996, my freshman year in Dickinson D. We had what we called a ‘Condom Bandit.’ Simply, a condom on your doorknob, your neighbor's doorknob, everyone's doorknob. But as long as the year went on, we never figured out who it was. We were pretty sure we knew, but never proved it for sure.”


- Jen M, UD '01


Load Warrior / Boobs, Butts & Beyond: Nice!


“There was most certainly a panty thief in the Dickinson E / F laundry room, 1990 - 1991. All of my black ones were gone, gone, gone! And a night I didn't just do laundry there!”


- M, UD '94


Honors by Association


“My memories of Dickinson are fond. I remember how far out we were. Man…that was a walk to class. It was a tight knit community. I attribute most of this to the physical layout of the building themselves. Each floor was small, which required you to know everybody. I remember the rooms themselves were like cells. I remember how hot they were in the early fall and late spring. It was always strange for me to be there, as I was not in the Honors program, but always considered myself an ‘Honors’ student. My grades would say otherwise in my early years.”


- Chubbs, UD '96


Orient Express


“I remember that stupid train by Dickinson. Funny thing is that when I moved to Towne Court, there was a train in our backyard, and when I moved to East Cleveland…you guessed it! I couldn’t get away from the damn trains. Also, do you remember when everyone would cross the tracks from Dickinson to go to 7-Eleven and what not? Me and my buddy used to go to that Chinese restaurant that looked like a house over there (Digger’s Note: The place was called “Chopsticks,” at 178 Elton Road!), and he would always make fun of me because I couldn’t climb the damn fence...I guess I wasn’t coordinated enough. I used to always want to walk around it...that was always popular.”


- Darin H, UD '94


Quite a Workout


“I have only one really vivid memory of our lounge from freshman year. We lived on the side of the hall that had the Men's bathroom, which meant we had to walk through the stairwell to the other side and past the lounge to get to the Women's. One night after a long night out, I walked through to go to the bathroom and saw the strangest scene in the lounge as I passed: one of my floormates was in the lounge totally naked, strapped into one of those machines with a vibrating belt that works your abs. In the morning I was convinced I'd dreamt it, until my roommate confirmed that she saw it, too.”


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